E-Commerce Integrations

Managing an eCommerce store can be a bear at the best of times. Add simplicity, by eliminating manual processes and automate your estore connections to a wide range of software.

"This is my favorite part of BPA! Completing an order can trigger a workflow that pushes the order into your ERP. Another can place the contact information into CRM and third can print a pick list and shipping label, this is just one way to eliminate a bunch of manual entry steps" - Penny Process

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Import Information from Ecommerce

  • Capture customer purchasing habits
  • track customer loyalty programs
  • Push customer order statuses as they happen
  • Target customers for marketing based on purchases


Sync Customers Information to ERP

  • Customer Information for repeat order management
  • Track and Trace customer (return/replacement/warranty)
  • Add additional information from Payment gateways
  • Automate customer registrations


Customer Communications

  • Send Receipts
  • Send shipping information
  • Changes in product availability
  • Changes in shipping on a particular order


Export Orders to Courier Services

  • Generate Pick Lists
  • Requisition requests and Purchase Orders
  • Manage Inventory
  • Create shipping and receiving labels

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